YaST says installation media not there expecting /dev/sda1 but it is on /dev/sdb1 ... then crashes

I run Yast to install new software… A dialog box pops up and informs me that the installation media cannot be found. I check the little box for more details, and there it says it is looking for /dev/sda1. The media is at /dev/sdb1. I correct it in the little form there, but the dialog box comes up again each time it goes to the disk. It does appear to install the data, BUT THEN, before running the post install scripts, the window just disappears. So though I install apache, the files are there but it is not running. Though I install postgress, there files are there but it is not running.

… how can I tell YaST once and for all to use /dev/sdb1 ? I’ve been searching for hours and can’t find this documented. It doesn’t help that the doc site says the docs have been moved.

the fix: went to the YaST option “Software Repositories”. It only had sda choices for hardrives (?) but did allow the addition of sdb1 as usb or hardrive (?). I put sdb1 on higher on the list but still got sda1 errors … I deleted the sda1 option. Updating apache and posgres did not help. However, upon deinstalling and reinstalling they did work ! Aparently it is normal (?) for the software installer to just disappears while one is still reading the messages …

as an additional note, these ‘services’ install by default as ‘disabled’, one has to go to the ‘Systems Services’ menu and enable them.

Look at the repositories you have with :
zypper lr -u
Then modify the URI of the repo pointing to that device. You can edit it in YaST -> Software Repositories.

  • just in case you were doing that, don’t use device names (/dev/sdaX, /dev/sdbX, etc) in /etc/fstab! Use UUIDs or disk IDs instead.

I never had any local disk in my repository list by default (or created by myself). On installation the DVD is used as a repo, but after installation this is disabled and the network repos (OSS, nonOSS and Update) are added. All by the istallation process.

I may misunderstand your post completely, but do not understand what sda1 and sdb1 have to do with YaST > Sofware Management and repositories.