Yast rsync submode?


I use a script to rsync my local repo directories on a portable drive because with multiple releases and multiple versions of a same release installed on several machines any on-line installation OR updating is absolutely out of the question (full rpm files only). All my Yast instances point to folders under /localrepo and that drive is mounted as such on need when updating either my liocal repo tree or an installed system is needed. I’d like to put my own scripts away as they need to be edited for each new release. I’d like to see Yast offer a feature to do the same thing i.e. just sync the folders in the local tree as defined within the yast repository section with the appropriate server directories I set them to be synced with (or whatever server directories might be auto paired based on the package in the local folder). I could then continue updating from the local tree from time to time. I also use include/exclude lists to sideline ‘Office’ packages for example which I don’t use and which tend to be huuuuge.

I could also look for an rsync front end but figure that Yast would be a better place for just package files.