Yast/Prox/Curl Problem

Hi All

I just installed 11.3 x64 and I am having what I think is an odd problem. I set the proxy according to what I have on another 11.1 x64 machine. When I go to install the nvidia drivers using the “One Click” method, I get the following:

Download (curl) error for 'ftp://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/11.3/repodata/repomd.xml':
Error code: HTTP response: 500
Error message: The requested URL returned error: 500

The odd thing is that I can execute the curl command manually as both a regular user and root. “.curlrc” was set automatically in /root by yast, so I think the manual test shows that I didn’t mistype the proxy setting.

Does anyone have any idea what I did wrong?

Did you try to find out what that error code means? Check this website:HTTP Error 500 Internal server error Explained
The problem is apparently not with the proxy or curl but something on the serving website.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try it again when I get back to the machine tomorrow.

OK, I tries it again the AM and I still have the same troubles. I resolved it by using these instructions:

Nvidia Installer HOWTO for openSUSE users

The nvidia repository is HTTP as opposed to ftp in the “One Click”.