yast problem

I’m running openSUSE 11.0 and xfce on a older laptop. I’m new to linux.

I was just getting the hang of things when I got a message today about
security updates. I installed them, but now YAST will no longer run in
graphical mode. When I try to force with yast --qt, I get the error
message, “Qt GUI wanted but not found, falling back on ncurses.” Well
this has me falling back on a few curses myself. Did the upgrade change
a library so now yast is incompatible?


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Open a terminal and type
root password

now do

zypper dup

if that doesn’t help get back

Box: Linux x86_64 | OS 11.0 | (KDE4.1.81) “1.1” | M2N4-SLI
| AMD 64 X2 5200+ | nVidia 8500GT | 2GB RAM
Lap: OS 11.0 | Celeron 550 | (KDE 4.1.81 “release 1.1” | Intel 965 GM |
Lenovo R61e | 1GB RAM

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