YaST Partitioner - No "modify" anymore?

Hello again!

In TW KDE updated lately some things im YaST have chenged significantly, I think.

In the “old” YaST Partitioner you could modify partitions (e.g. resize):


But after updating this weekend

Linux dellscsi6 5.9.8-2-default #1 SMP Thu Nov 12 07:43:32 UTC 2020 (ea93937) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

The tabs in the respective GUI menu are gone:


How to resize partitions in YaST these days? :open_mouth:

I am not sure that I have interpreted those lousy pictures correct. But I think I see in one of those you have selected a partition (of some kind), but that in the other you have selected a disk and NOT a partition.

Try to open partitioner and select a disk, if you have the old version, you have more tabs on the right of the GUI to select a partition. In the new version there is no such tab.

The old Overview is gone…

Now you have as Overview the old Partition…

Yepp, but the old Overview had the “Modify” button to the lower left corner (red mark on pic for old Partitioner), where you could shrink a partition. Now I don’t see an option to shrink…

Mark a partition then edit…

The first picture has a partition marked, the second not a partition but a disk

In “edit” I can only format/mount, not resize. I tried everything yesterday. Fortunately I found a non-updated TW to do the resize of a partition. With the new TW no way here…

Select partition - menu Device - Resize.

OMG, I didn’t find that! Many thanks… :slight_smile: