YAST Partitioner adds drives as removeable drive, though internal?


YAST Partitioner is showing some drives as removable when shown in the save as dialog such as from a web browser even though they are internally mounted (but on an pcie sata card)
I have other drives on a sata card (Different Manufacturer) that do not behave this way.

when I look at dolphin, they all show as “devices” even my removable usb stick which- truly is removable

Not sure what I did wrong, but I think I did the same for each drive when I added them through YAST - there was not much to it, basically choose the mount point and “do not format”.

the 2 drives that show as removable are TGraphics/Tgraphics2 and a third, Which I did not mount yet,

Pertinent fstab

UUID=8f87ffb4-9e3a-4faf-bced-028872  /home                    xfs    defaults                        1  2
UUID=f0f315dc-aa24-45e1-9dd6-17e9ea /Videos                  ext4   data=ordered,acl,user_xattr     0  0
UUID=6a733dc9-7f40-4e2a-bf23-fc99d1 /Work                  ext4   data=ordered,acl,user_xattr     0  0
UUID=c42a61d7-d84d-49ba-90ee-304c57  /Documents          ext4   data=ordered,acl,user_xattr     0  0
UUID=dc6dcab2-d521-46d7-b017-7bc8c9a /TGraphics                 ext4   data=ordered,acl,user_xattr     0  0
UUID=4450505b-c4e1-44a1-81d7-8ed612  /TGraphics2                ext4   data=ordered,acl,user_xattr     0  0

I guess my concern -

Will my drives though showing as removable- auto mount when I boot

IS this normal for pcie to show as removable?

thanks in advance

A second issue arose,

How do I change disk label, I have 2 labels the same and yast/dolphin does not like it.

I saw e2label on the web as a solution, but its not in the suse repository, what does suse use?

John Kilbert

e2label should be on your system. Did you try?

which e2label

For ext2/3/4 file systems you can also use

tune2fs -L ....

And you can use YaST > Partitioner.

And you can use YaST > Partitioner.

I now see it there under fstab options. I never noticed that there.