Yast package management - package size

If you open yast and opt to update a program it shows a ‘size’ column to the right of the app window. Unfortunately the size it shows is the size of the app on the disk not the size of the download. You can test this by updating any program you like - I chose e2fsprogs. In yast it’s size is shown as 1.6Mb when you actually download it its download size is only 492kb (but this is only shown once you start the download process).

In the present climate where storage is relatively cheap, but internet access is not, surely it is far more important to show the download size than the installed size? It certainly is to me anyway.

Is there any way that I can change the behaviour in yast so that it shows the download size not the installed size? Having to wait until you have already started to download something before you find out how much bandwidth it is going to consume is just too late.