Yast package installtion download very slow

I am having a problem downloading packages through Yast software upate. I connect to the internet using a Vodafone 3G card using the software Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux 2.0.beta3. I have no problem browsing the internet or download programs and its real fast but when I try to install any software through the Yast package installation any download takes forever. By that I mean if it does actually download I get rates of 380 bytes per second. I have tried to install X-Moto, Firefox 3, MySQL Query browser. Each of those except for X-Moto (19mb will take forever) took at least 30min to install. Any ideas. The repositories i am using are the default ones. Also when I try to abort it just hangs, it wont quit.

Try changing to a faster mirror near you. the default isn’t always the best