Yast "package groups" view missing in Software Management

Hi everyone. I’m new to Tumbleweed (couple of months now) having first tried Leap. Really impressed with TW so far.

Whilst using Leap, Yast software management module had a useful ‘package groups’ tools under the ‘view’ tab. However, after installing TW ‘package groups’ is not there. I installed Gnome on both Leap and TW so I don’t think the environment is the problem. There doesn’t appear to be any missing add-on packages in the repositories and there is nothing in dconf-editor that relates to this. So is this simply down to using TW instead of Leap?


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Yes, package groups have been dropped from YaST, there are plans to drop from spec files as well and the proposal going forward is to use some form of tags instead.

Thanks Malcolm, question answered. It was a useful feature, something akin to apt-get autoremove, so hopefully the tags suggestion will be an effective replacement.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to Tumbleweed.