yast options for usb flash install


I want to install 11.3 on a usb flash stick on a netbook.

the internal harddisk should be completely unaffected, meaning

  • when the usb stick is plugged in, bios should boot 11.3 from the stick
  • when the stick is not plugged in, bios should boot from the internal hard disk

I am unsure how the boot options in yast have to be set to achieve that.
I changed the order of the harddisks to /dev/sdb (=the usb stick) being the first.
I selected /dev/sdb3 (The root partition of the to-be-installed 11.3) as user defined root partition.
do I have to select “start from MBR” and/or “start from root partition”?
did I miss anything?
is there more to do to make the usb stick bootable?


I tell from the beginning the processing

First open yast and download the suse studio Imagewriter(write imagewriter in search gap)
Second download syslinux for opensuse through yast again!

Do this!

ok, I probably made a mistake when mentioning yast.
I am not in a running opensuse system but within the installation process after booting from 11.3 installation dvd (that’s what I called “yast” - probably erroneously).

is it possible to proceed from that point with the installation dvd, or do I have to boot into opensuse and install the packages you mentioned?

Yoy must boot into opensuse to download these packages.

ok, I booted into the 11.1 and installed the two packages.
and now?

There is another way for that but this is from windows and I do not know it because I do not use windows. I have used windows since 2000.

Then run the imagewriter and go the iso in the center and write the image into usb flash.

which image?
there is no iso! I don’t want to copy a live cd onto the usb stick!
I want to make a standard full installation which uses the usb stick instead of a standard harddisk!

First off a USB stick is not the same thing as a SSD or hard drive. Constant write erases will bring the stick to a short end.

Here are the instructions

SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

is there anyone familiar with the installation procedure that can tell me which options I have to select to make sure that the internal harddisk is not affected by installation to a usb stick?

The same thing I said but with graphical way and not with terminal way.

To do this you must download the iso–>write into usb with imagewriter–>set grub–>and boot from usb so
you make a standard full installation as you want.

and again:
that is exactly my question:
during this installation “as I want” I want to make sure that grub only writes to the usb stick and not to the internal harddisk.
how are the respective options to be set during the installation procedure?

If you do it with my way you do not write it in hdd

Please read this SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

I tried both “your” way and “mine”.
I could produce a bootable installation (as checked with a laptop), but the netbook refuses to boot from the usb stick…