YAST ompletely broken

Hello, I use Tumbleweed 20172212 and for some wierd reason, YAST is completely broken now. When I open the QT version, the window opens, but no other modules can be opened. The ncurses version kinda works, but the package manager gives this error: Couldn’t load plug-in ncurses-pkg. One-click install not working, clicking on a rpm file to install it not working. Why? Help?

Why? Because you (most probably) used YaST or some applet to update.
Help? Open a terminal window and do

su -c 'zypper dup'

I can’t, because of this: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/528807-Zypper-repositories-conflict?p=2849296#post2849296

OK. Then let’s keep the discussion in the other thread. I’ll close this one.