Yast "No such client module sw_single"- opensuse 11.0

Blew up my Yast install on an opensuse 11.0 install. From the command line, running yast in ncurses mode just comes up with empty screen.

From the GUI, I see the message from the title.

I don’t see any useful error messages in yast logs or any other logs for that matter.

No idea where to begin, and don’t even know how I can resurrect Yast2 from the install media.

Have you tried using zypper?

From a terminal go su and do:

zypper ref

zypper up

that will refresh the repo’s and run updates.

Did you try booting to level3 user and then go su and run:


this should launch a basic form of yast - keyboard only

Yes, zypper itself works fine, and both of the operations you suggest have no problems. I can also run the terminal version of yast, but this comes up completely blank - all of the Yast menu trees are missing.

try this:

zypper in yast* -f


zypper in yast2* -f

the -f should force re-install of all yast modules

Thanks. That got Yast back, but it is in kind of an odd state - it keeps reporting the same patch updates as available even though I’ve already installed them.

What are they?

You could always try:

zypper up

'filesharereset’and ‘kdenetwork3-instantmessenger’

Whatever was in the hopper when this started, I suspect.

‘zypper up’

just reports “Nothing to do”.

This was a bug in 11.0
I thought it was fixed, but as I recall most users just selected never install. Personally it never affected me as I only updated via software management.