yaST message repeat loop


I have just got my Wireless working and now I am trying to download updates, everytime I go to yaST and click the online updates button etc, I get a message saying “At least one of the updates installed requires a system reboot to function properly. Reboot the system”.

I accept that, so I reboot the system, check for updates again, click “Apply” and wham! The message visits me again, and it won’t leave me alone, how can i fix this neverending loop?

Thanks in advance,

Lee Jarratt

What is the output of this command in a terminal?:

zypper lu

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hai thar,

I think I’ve had it sorted now, I had to mess around with the repositories and the software manager for a while. I think this was an impulse thread, I will resist from posting when I have a problem next time until I’m sure I definitely can’t fix it.