YAST message "...... is not a directory:"

On selecting “Online Update” or “Software Maintenance”, YAST presents:

An error occurred during repository initialization. Specified path '/tmp/YaST2-03258-x8SnFl/tmp_install_repo' is not a directory: file:/tmp/YaST2-03258-x8SnFl/tmp_install_repo

Upon inspection, the file noted ("/tmp/YaST2-03258-x8SnFl/tmp_install_repo") not only is not a directory, it does not exist.

Updates and maintenance appear to proceed correctly. Should this message be considered harmless, indicative of need of repair or other action?


Installation of an rpm directly from Dolphin left the above temporary directory in the repository list. After removal of the repository list entry, the message no longer appears.

Is the above worthy of opening a bug report, and, if so, against Dolphin, YAST or ?

Maybe, but you should then explain IMHO what “Installation of an rpm directly from Dolphin” means/involves.

It may be my lack of knowledge, but when I would install an RPM directly, I would either do it using rmp (which then would avoid zypper knowing about it), or using using zypper (which action then would go somewhere in zypper’s database), but as far as I understand it, no repository would then be involved in such an action. At least that is how I interpret the word “directly”.

If I understand correctly what you’re writing ( i.e. that zypper would not be aware of packages installed with 'rpm …package.rpm ) that would be horrible, AFAICT that’s not true. If I install a package that way, zypper immediately shows it as installed. Same when removing a package using rpm.

Maybe zypper also inspects the rpm database, but IMHO there is a difference in installing an rpm with rpm or doing it with zypper.

In any case, doing it with Dolphin is a new phenomenon to me. As said, maybe I am a bit dumb here, but OTOH it might be useful to explain what it is when filing a bug report.