YaST - M8

OK, so what happened to the Graphics Card and Monitor option in YaST Control Center?

I see that the package yast2-x11 is described as obsolete and that the X-Server is configured automatically. I suppose that is OK, sort of, but I need to load a monitor profile from a utility disk for my Samsung monitor.

Does you mean, that you can’t find the tool?
If yes, you can find it here.
Open the kickoff menu, and search for sax or x11.
Will bring up the tool.

EDIT: Ohhh…you find it.

Yeah, got it. Thanks.

But still, why make the option in YaST obsolete?

http://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=539004 has the whole discussion

That was an interesting bug report to read :slight_smile:

… this new approach with xorg.conf suggests to me that both the nvidia and ati wiki’s may need updating for 11.2, with a new section for openSUSE-11.2 (unless we want users who go to those wiki to keep using the run level 3 command line sax2).

I did a clean install of Milestone 8 today. At the point where I’m used to seeing the display config, there was nothing. It went from sound to finish with nothing about the display. And when the install was finished my monitor was configured correctly.

Later, when I installed the nvidia module, all I did was run the shell script and then did ‘modprobe nvidia’. After returning to init 5, KDE booted up with 3d effects enabled. No mess, no fuss.

I have 2 related problems. Did a zypper dup today and got to Milestone 8. On reboot, plasma crashes with signal: 6 abort. Tried failsafe and the 3 different versions of the kernel that show up in grub. Tried dropping to konsole and doing init 3 and init 5 to restart x. No joy.

Tried using krunner to start yast after yast (using yast2 as command) would not start from konsole. Yast will not start.

I invoked sax2 from krunner but the plasma problem persists. So, no yast, no plasma. Following an old thread that started to blame google gadgets but turns out there was another solution. Logging in as root gets plasma to run. Really is a bare desktop though. Just in case, I’ll try to remove google gadgets.

Any other fixes would be gratefully received.