YaST leftovers


I used to be an apt-get user, and for this program they have an option (–purge) which makes sure that all the preferences will be deleted as well.

For YaST I didn’t found an option like that, and if I look to my home folder I can see a lot of files of old programs, that I already uninstall.

There is a solution for that? Like a Norton CleanSweep for Linux?


I don’t know the behavior of apt-get --purge but it would be interesting how the package manager should know about the (configuration) files created on the first start of the application in the users home directory. I googled a bit around and found out that this is also not handled by apt-get :slight_smile:

I guess the option --purge is meant for deleting global configuration files those who commonly resides in /etc and not in the users home.

I guess deleting the files in users home directory is actually not wanted at all. Just read this Ubuntu Forums - View Single Post - [idea] delete .file when removing packages from Synaptic posting and I fully agree with that.

Hope that helps


Well I also agreed with the post. Looking to this side…

But my problem is that I want to make a backup of my system (all packages installed) and home folder (preferences). And them I will backup a lot of useless things. But I will take a look manually and delete what I can identify.

Do you have a suggesttion to backup my system? (A way to save all the packages installed?).
There is a lot of packages that I installed by Webpin, and they are not available in the repositories, how can I make them also install automatically in case I have to format my computer?