Yast - LDAP Server Configuration 11.1

Help. I try to reconfigure my ldap server after upgrade to 11.1 from
I’m getting yast errors include core dumps.

After enabling TLS and pressing OK and then gets a popup box
“UI Syntax Error” “Invalid arguments for Label widget” “Check the log

  1. What log file

Also I can get the configuration to core dump.
I have “configured” or at least tried to setup TLS.
I get a warning when entering “Global Settings” and get a warning “Your
TLS/SSL Configuration seems to be incomplete” “Do you really want to
enable the “ldaps” protocol listener?” and select yes and then select
I get this
YaST got signal 11 at YCP file ldap-server/tree_structure.ycp:301
/sbin/yast2: line 437: 8105 Segmentation fault $ybindir/y2base


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