Yast issue on new install

Since 11.1 would not install on my system at all, I used an older 11.0 DVD and everything installed fine. Yast update reads “system is busy another check will start soon” and “unable to check whether updates are available”. This message I get for 2 days now.

I am new to suse, but have been using ‘synaptic’ for 2 years now. I find Yast a bit more different to understand for some reason. Is there something I am not aware of here ? Seems that the packages I am viewing are out of date.

In a su terminal try

zypper ref


zypper up

If you have errors report back.

“Repository ‘openSUSE-11.0-Updates’ is up to date.
Repository ‘openSUSE-11.0-Non-Oss’ is up to date.
Repository ‘openSUSE-11.0-Oss’ is up to date.
All repositories have been refreshed.”

I guess this answers my question - all up to date ?
yet my firefox is an older version 3.0b5
repository says firefox beagle version ??
never heard of the beagle…I know the first thing I turned off was some “dog” search thingy on the bottom. Don’t know if that’s the beagle. Will have to try and navigate some more around Yast …just seems too complicated for me right now …synaptic seemed simpler to understand. But I understand that with change, I must accomodate. Thanks caf4926 :slight_smile:


zypper up

Updates’ is up to date.
Just means it is refreshed
In Yast software management
search -

Personally I always delete it all

So you are getting the messages when running YaST/Software/Online Update? Have you checked the Software Repositories to make sure that what you are using for online updates is there and correctly set up?

In ref to your other comments . . . the Firefox browser package name is MozillaFirefox. beagle-firefox is just a Firefox add-on to enable Beagle to index Firefox web page history.

Synaptic is a nice front-end to apt-get for Debian packages and, yes, it is simpler (and less capable) than the qt version of YaST Software Management. However, it is rather similar to the gtk (Gnome) version of YaST Software Management. IIRC it is possible to run the gtk version under KDE; requires removing the qt version and installing the gtk version. If you’re interested in doing this, check the wiki, support database, or applications sub-forum. (btw, zypper is the counterpart to apt-get.)

Have browsed through the software repository…and I think initially it updated for me …after something I clicked.

Also…the update icon in the taskbar always reads “unable to check whether updates are available” and “the system is busy. Another check will start soon” once clicked ? - since installing suse 11 a couple of days ago, the icon does change colors at times. Which has lead me to believe it’s waiting for some action on my part.

On my system I have had some issues with the updater applet in the taskbar using KDE 4.1.3; I upgraded to 4.2 and it was just fixed recently. To verify Online Updates is working and you have the patches installed, use the YaST module directly.

I am using kde 3.59 - this morning the updater read, “have new updates” …when I clicked on it “Unable to check if updates available, the system is busy. Another check will start soon.”

Does YaST/Software/Online Updates module work?

yes it works.

If you subscribe to the Mozilla repository, will it give you an updated version?

Huh??? How do you know that Online Updates works for OP?

sorry guys, but I have 0 experience using Yast. I go to yast administrator and see icons for:

online Update
add-on product
media check
Patch CD update
Software Management
Automatic Online Update
Online Update Configuration
Software Repositories

…when i click on any I get a long list of categories …always checked at an entry named “specified url” …what ever that means. then a whole bunch of other unchecked boxes. Still getting same messages at update icon at bottom right task bar.

mozilla repositories ??

First, click on Software Repositories. In the list look for a url with “update” in it, e.g., “http://download.opensuse.org/update/11.0/” (w/o the quotes of course). If it isn’t there, then add it there, or you can use Online Update Configuration to do this for you, too. If the repository was not added during installation (which is optional), that indicates a possible reason why the updater applet is doing what it is - that is, the configuration isn’t set up yet.

Once that is done, then click on Online Update. You should see a list of patches in the upper left box. Click on Accept to install them. Note that as an alternative to the update, you can also use the Automatic Online Update module to schedule a regular time for critical patches to be installed automatically.

(I don’t get that Mozilla repo post, either.)

yes, that entry is there “opensuse.org/update/11.0” including a couple of others…including a “mozilla” repository lol!
I refreshed them all just in case.
Still the update icon in the taskbar “unable to check system is busy” I would think now that after 4 days of a fresh install with 11.0, there would be at least one update available…I had downloaded this version in mid last year.

The updater in the the panel can’t check for updates when you’re using the YaST software tool. Quit YaST and right click the yellow triangle and choose ‘Check Now’.

So did you go into the Online Update module and see if patches are listed? Note the filter “Show Patch Category”; if you don’t already see any in the upper-left box, switch the filter to “all patches” - do you see any there?

Btw . . . that Mozilla repo can only be added manually. :slight_smile:

finally… after right clicking on the updater applet noticed there were a couple of things that did not apply to my computer…after unclicking two boxes, updater turns green and is downing 118 items. So it must be working :smiley:

thanks for all the help :)…will read up on yast since i am still in the dark about configuring (what i need and don’t need) - it’s like synaptic, but all disassembled :\

well…i thought it was working but it keeps sticking at 5% “removing kernel” for almost 30 minutes now. for some reason yast is messed up on my system…or updater :frowning:

will try re-boot or maybe repartitioning and loading the 11.1 dvd I just finished downloading.

ok…resumed working on re-boot.