Yast is broken on 11.1 Live CD install? Help!

I’ve installed SUSE 11.1 from live CD. Now when I try to install something from one Click install( say, KDE 4.2) I get a choice to save .yamp file or open it with…Normally on DVD installed systems I get Yast 2 option by default. Not on this one. I browse down to /sbin/Yast2, and I get an error message that something is missing.
Google search prompted for Yast2 reinstall, if that might be a solution, how can I do it ? Reinstall Yast2 from Yast2 GUI? Looks like Vista and IE7 solution.

Any help is welcome.:frowning:

That you installed from the cd or the dvd in the use of yast, it should make no difference. There is a bug in yast which has been fixed since release - so you need to do from a su terminal

zypper ref
zypper up

Thank you for fast reply. I’ll try that later today.
Thank you.

Thank you, CAF. It seems did the trick.
And since I’m here, I seem to have a problem losing plasma settings and panel settings(some icons are lost, other ones are placed in a wrong spot). Is it a place to proceed with this issue or create another thread?
Thanks again.

What you are experiencing does happen. And as far as I can tell, it happens with a randomness that defies a solution.

I have a rather simple desktop - uncluttered by icons because of this very fact happening to me too. So I have just the Folder View widget on the desktop showing the desktop folder.

I keep all my Favorites in kicker favorites, so it’s quick enough to get to them.

What I did find is, you can add a new panel (in addition to your existing one) and it behaves well. I placed it on the left of the screen but not full length and with auto-hide. You can drag any icon there, so a quick slide of the mouse and you have quick access.

But adding to the bottom main panel some icons will be gone on next login or in a strange place.

I did read a thread where it was mentioned that leaving plasma unlocked - everything remained in place - strange!

Yeah, it looks like a bug to me. Something with hardware incompatibility. On the same machine firefox doesn’t save favorites. On the newer box SUSE 11.1 runs great without any hick ups. Anyway, I’ll let SUSE 11.1 cook a little more before giving it a shot in production.

Thank you much,CAF for sharing your experience with me and others.

P.S. On my personal laptop I run Ubuntu 8.04 It is a little bland to my taste, looses Nautilius sometimes while transferring data over NFS. But no nasty surprises here.

You are welcome - Enjoy;)