YaST Install Hypervisor and Tools causes network definitions to be discarded

I’m running OpenSuSE on an ASUS G73Jh2 [uname -a = Linux pinto 3.11.6-4-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Oct 30 18:04:56 UTC 2013 (e6d4a27) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux].

When I use YaST’s Install Hypervisor and Tools to set up KVM, it’s last step is to define a network bridge to connect VMs to the real network.

After completion, the IP and route settings for my WiFi connection are cleared, and I have to redefine them again. Has anyone else seen this?

Although it’s likely possible to create additional Linux Bridge devices(each bridge device can be configured to define a different virtual network and bind to a different network adapter) manually from CLI or YaST, I highly recommend installing a virtualization manager, openSUSE/KVM makes libvirt tools (vm manager, virt install and vm install) available to you.

After you create your virtual network binding to your WLAN adapter, that network can then be specified in the Guest settings of any virtualization you are running(not just KVM).


From what I understand, YaST calls either virt-install or vm-install to do the actual installation; I did not do it “manually”.

As far as I know, YaST is the only safe method for making network configuration changes in SuSE distributions, and it is not recommended practice to make such changes “behind YaST’s back”.

I would cross-post this thread to YaST support if I could find such a site, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Last I checked, YAST only knows how to create a Linux Bridge device(typically Br0) connecting to a wired connection (typically eth0)

Using libvirt, you use vm manager to create and manage virtual networks (and their associated bridge devices). Then the option to choose whichever virtual network associated with the bridge device bound to your preferred network interface (eg wlan0, eth0, etc) is available in the dropdown using virt-install, vm-install or even no configuration (you can configure later in the Guest settings after the VM is built).

I can assure you with all I’ve done on this that no contention exists between any bridge devices created by YAST or libvirt… They use different naming conventions. You can create bridge devices however you wish by YAST, libvirt or even CLI and unless you name any the same you shouldn’t have any problems.