Yast in 11.2 Live CD wants to download 700 MB

I have been using the 11.2 KDE live CD to test 11.2 hardware compatibility.
If I use yast to add any additional package for testing, yast resolves conflicts and wants to add 700+ MB more files.
If I use zypper I can install the package as expected.

Is this a problem with yast, or is it a problem that on the live cd yast is not aware of the current installed packages (CD packages).

You can’t install packages in Live mode only on an installed system

Actually, I’ve downloaded over a Gig of data on one of my friend’s iMac (or whatever apple product it is) and then downloaded, installed, and implemented the Nvidia graphics driver all from the livecd. Since you need kernel-source, make, etc for “the hard way” I was very surprised it worked within a live system. Of course it doesn’t affect any of the data on the hard drive, but it was a good test of openSUSE from within a liveCD system.

The 700 MB of data? If it’s your first time updating or installing packages after a fresh install of the system, it’s because it automatically tries to update things. These would include applications like OpenOffice.org which is a huge application download in itself. Next time try looking at what’s actually happening. You’ll see all the things that are being updateed.

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Really. I never knew that was possible Ian. I’ll have to have a go at that now.