YaST GUI works differently on different machines

Why should the YaST interface for Software Repositories work differently on
two different machines?

They’re both running openSUSE 11.1
They’re both running the the same version of KDE/Qt (4.3.3/4.5.3)
All the matching YaST RPMs are the same version on both machines

On one machine every time I select a repo from the list the Enabled checkbox
gets toggled, on the other machine it doesn’t so why the difference?

I know it’s not the end of the world but it’s getting on my nerves and it’s
just to easy to disable/enable a repo by accident and I’d like things to be

Any ideas?


Actually I have seen software shift between computers too, its not just a openSUSE thing I might add as I have seen it in windows.
I personally discovered that even if you have 2 machines with the exact same software, the exact same hardware, from the exact same brand and things work completely different in each machine.