Yast Graphical Userinterface not working after removing tex rpm group


i removed every rpm of the tex group with yast (graphical) and after the reboot yast-gui was not starting anymore.

is anything in the tex group that is vital for yast? i am a little confused.



Oh and is ther a way to check the yast gui installation so it works again?

You might check and force-reinstall yast2-control-center-qt and possibly libyui-qt7 so that their dependencies are checked.
At first sight I don’t see anything TEX-related, but who knows what you actually uninstalled?

I selected all packages from the tex group nothing less nothing more.

tried both commands still not working. (it found no missing deps)

but yast cli still works at least.

The Texinstallation seems to have some prolems on tumbleweed anyway

You can look in /var/log/zypp/history if something more is deleted at the time you removed tex…