Yast freezes during ref/update when it can't connect

My connection is not stable in one room and this leads to a freezing Yast module during a repo refresh or update.

I can only force quit the updating module. And I can reproduce this every time.

It happens regardless of LEAP42.1 or TW.

Maybe one should add a timeout script?

Our Internet connection can be a bit dodgy at times and I can experience, eg. a repo refresh getting stuck for what feels a long while. They do eventually time out though.

Something I find annoying is say if I open Yast software manger and then find the Internet is down. The first repo fails to refresh, it takes a while before I’m presented with a (I think) “abort/ ignore/ retry” dialogue and none of the options will actually abort the software manager. To stop it without having it fail after the timeout for every repo, I usually resort to xkill.

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. At least the abort button should have worked. How long is the timeout? Very often it’s stuck there for like more than 10 mins and no button works in that GUI. That has become a major nuisance for me lately.

It can feel like 10 minutes but my guess is it’s probably something like 2-3 minutes.