Yast fonts on Tumbleweed

Can someone tell me why when I log in as root and start Yast it looks fine
but when I log in as a user then start Yast and enter the root password Yast
has some text in a squiggly ( Arabic perhaps ) font.

This is Tumbleweed 20180306
with Plasma



You mean the text for things like software management, hardware, etc. is
actually not readable at all? I’ve never noticed that, but I would look
at your locale settings as your non-root user. Also, how specifically
(show commands with the code (#) tag button in the web UI) are you
becoming root? I have never noticed Yast magically prompt for a root
password, so I assume you are using sudo. If so, try ‘sudo -i’ first, or
SSH in as root, or use ‘su -’, and see if those have the same issue.
Otherwise, locale stuff should show from the following command (executed
both as non-root and as ‘root’ to see differences.

env | grep LC

Good luck.

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Well, when you start YaST from the menu of a desktop session (GUI, e.g. KDE or Gnome), it does open a window to ask for the root password to begin with. That has been so for ages. I do not know if you would ask this magic, bit it is simply programmed as such.

I’ve been seeing the same since update last Monday. Some icons show Arabic titles other show Arabic comments. Not identified a cause yet.

This only occurs in yast-gui.

I see that too. Strange as the Arabic entries are either the category heading or the category explanation - but not both. I did check my language settings in yast and these just show GB English.

Well, the corresponding translations (package “desktop-translations”) are broken it seems.

en_GB/update-desktopfiles-yast.po contains e.g.:

#: /usr/share/applications/YaST2/users.desktop

msgctxt "GenericName(users.desktop)"

msgid "Add, Edit, Delete Users or User Groups"

msgstr "إضافة مستخدمين أو مجموعات مسخدمين أو تحرير بياناتهم أو حذفها"

Somebody should file a bug report.

Bug 1084657 - yast showing some Arabic category heading or the category explanation - but not both, although English selected



Please clarify,

  • cannot find any file with the extension .po
  • cannot find any file with contents which defines: msgctxt, msgid, msgstr

Tumbleweed x86_64 is being referred too?


That’s in the source package/tarball.

xxx.po is the translation “source code”, it is “compiled” into a .mo file when the package is built and the binary package (desktop-translations.rpm) contains those binary .mo files.

The .po files (in plaintext) are only contained in the desktop-translations.src.rpm (or you can get them on OBS).

Tumbleweed x86_64 is being referred too?

Sure, that was taken from the current Tumbleweed package (noarch though, not x86_64… :wink: ).

This issue is fixed in the 09032018 snapshot.

Ah, yes.
The problem has been noticed and fixed:

I didn’t check again today…

I noticed this too
It was odd

I see on the mailing lists somebody spotted this same problem in 15.0 Beta.

However, I updated (zypper dup) 15.0 less than two hours before I spotted that mail. When I looked in Yast, everything was fine.

So, if it was in 15.0, the fix has already hit there, as well.

thanks to all

downloaded and installed
has fixed the anomaly

different rpm is needed for 32bit os’s

I just had a look, and the package in 15.0 is indeed broken as well. Should be fixed with the next update there too (changes have to be in Tumbleweed first, so it takes a while to propagate them to Leap 15)

But note that apparently only en_GB is affected.

The current (fixed) version in Tumbleweed is 84.87.20180308.779a35a-1.1.

Yours must come from some additional repo… (x11:common:Factory, I guess :wink: )

different rpm is needed for 32bit os’s

As I already wrote, this is a noarch package.
I.e. there is only one package for 32bit and 64bit.

And actually this isn’t in the standard Tumbleweed repos yet either, as there hasn’t been a new snapshot released yet that contains it.

IOW, it is in fact still broken in Tumbleweed.
But should be fixed in the next snapshot…

the file used is from Factory?

Aaah. I also saw others were experiencing that problem in the mailing lists since I posted, and I was almost about to ask why my system was “different”.

Thanks. I am using en_US and so that is now explained.

You mean desktop-translations-84.87.20180308.779a35a-209.1.noarch.rpm?

Definitely not, Factory had/has desktop-translations-84.87.20180308.779a35a-1.1 as I wrote:
Unless you mean the development project (x11:common:Factory) with “Factory” here… :wink:

It’s in the standard Tumbleweed repos meanwhile btw, snapshot 20180309 has been released/published yesterday evening.

thanks again

already got it