Yast Fonts are very small on OST

I have just installed OST KDE Plasma6 X11, the issue i have is that yast fonts are very small, i cannot figure out how to change it.
Can someone please give a new linux user some help/direction?

What is OST ?

Ah, O(pen)S(USE) T(umbleweed) ? Creating your own acronyms is not making thins easier :wink:

Whar are you using YaST for? If it is for software management, and you insist on having a GUI, use KDE’s Discover.

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YaST comes in GTK and QT flavors. Its fonts depend on GTK or QT settings. Qt5ct worked to make YaST fonts bigger, but if installed it could mess up parts of Plasma. Whether that’s been fixed in v6 I’ve not yet checked.

Hi i have resolved this by running ‘kdesu systemsettings’ and changing font size here, logout and logback in and Yasts fonts are now big again.

@knurpht - I take your point on acronyms ( wont do it again :slight_smile: )

I want to use Yast as it is a bit more comprehensive for some software installs and viewing what in repos.

Thanks all for responding.

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