Yast-Firewall-Allowed Services

Can someone explain why the allowed services list is not complete??
For example i want to add POP3 services to allowed services list but i cannot find the service in that list.
I know i can manually add in the advanced tab (110 tcp) or in /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall but i was wondering why isnt in the list.

it should not even be necessary to do what you ask.

Why?? i dont get it… i want to open a port using gui provided by yast…

What application is refusing to work that you feel this is necessary?

is not an application… that is a mail server. so i must open the pop3 port and smtp also.

Email clients will work without any adjustment, (I know it’s different.) But if your server is not working then use the advanced tab to open respective ports if it will not work without.

To answer your original question, the Allowed Services module is a work in progress. Every now and then an additional service appears in the list as the devs finish developing it. If a service is missing, you have to add it using the advanced feature.

I really dont get you. If the pop3 port is not opened … how can a user check for e-mails.
Maybe my english is not good enough to make you understand what i need, and then i`m sorry for that. But i think i explained myself good enough.

Thank you Swerdna.
That is what i was searching for. A simple answer to a simple question.
Topic closed.

Maybe, but in the whole topic there is nowhere described whether you are a user trying to download email from a remote pop server or if you are hosting a pop3 server yourself and you want other people to be able to connect to your server.

In the latter case, yes, you need to open those ports.

It should have been clear if the question was clearly understood :wink: