Yast fails accessing any repository

its a strange problem, i think my good luck with SuSe just ran out! my 10.3 installation was perfect, but ever since i installed 11, the internet access is perfect. I open websites but the moment i try to install a software, YAST (or zypper at commandline) gives an error saying

Download (curl) error for ‘http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.0/repo/oss/content’:
Error code: User abort
Error message: connect() timed out!

also adding any repository simply stucks at 33% and will never complete…

Anyone has a clue what is wrong where?

Thanks in advance!!

Eureka! my first reply to someone’s problem in linux ( the someone is me :slight_smile: )
anyways ! im just writing the reply incase someone else is also facing same problem:

It seems that Yast is sensitive to IPv6 i turned off ipv6 and the installers started working fine…

i hope it is of use to someone…



Are you using a proxy to access the Internet?

Niclas Ekstedt, CNA/CNE/CNS/CLS
Systems Engineer/NSC Sysop
Telindus Sweden AB

NO! its a direct connection to the internet using a ADSL router! I connect with a DLINK-G122 usb wifi dongle.
after i turned off ipv6 (Actually i did turn it off for firefox, but somehow forgot to turn off it for the network)
so that was the reason why my internet seemed to be working fine, but YaST was not working at all!

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