yast error inst_disk_proposal on install


I’m trying to install openSuse Tumbleweed on my computer. I have a 256GB SSD having a single partition with Windows installed on it. I want to format the disk and install Tumbleweed on it.
I get the error inst_disk_proposal when I get to the disk partitioning step. I tried a DVD and a USB stick; the result is the same.

Here are some pictures of the error:

Please review and advise.

Thank you

Like the first screenshot says, more information can be found in /var/log/Yast2/y2log; question is then how to view this log.

I think you can do Quit and by going back come into a Shell and there you should be able to view the log. Likely you can attach an USB stick and it will be mounted and if so, you can copy the whole /var/log/Yast2 directory to that USB stick and create a bug at httP;//bugzilla.suse.com or have a better look at the logs using http://en.opensuse.org/Bugs/Yast

If you want to format the 256GB SSD anyhow, you can also try that from the command prompt, after that it might be that Yast is no longer erroring out.

There are multiple console screens available during installation. <ctrl+alt+F2> etc. works to give root access to Bash, and back to the graphical installation.

Did You select the SSD and choose “Use Entire Disk”? If not what partitioning scheme dod you choose?