YAST Error after install suse linux

Hi all,

Yesterday, after I reinstall suse linux enterprise 11 in my note book. I got some error messages. They are :
From Suse linux installing processed

  1. acroread-9.3.2-0.1.1.i586.rpm
  2. yast2-pkg-bindings-2.17.45-0.2.10.i586.rpm
    After installed suse linux.
  3. error messages for all options in yast2.

The story is when I started installing suse linux, I checked first the live cd and I got message that live cd is okay. But, when the installation process was running, I got 2 messages error. But, the messages were informing me to verivied from software management module.

So, my questions are :

  1. What are acroread-9.3.2-0.1.1.i586.rpm and yast2-pkg-bindings-2.17.45-0.2.10.i586.rpm and what are they fungtions? If my guess is not wrong, acroread means acrobat reader. Is it true?
  2. Where is others place I can download them (no.1,2,3) beside the live cd? Or, if the easyest way is live cd. Can some one help me for the location?
  3. As yast2 got error, is there an other way I can installed them (no.1,2,3)?

Thank you before and I appreciated any advice or suggestion.

Is not openSUSE

If you are using an Enterprise product, you should go here: