Yast doesnt work correctly


I’ve installed yast2 on suse 10.3, but when i start suse i there should normally be something in the right column but the column is empty. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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It is not very clever to post double. I am not giving the same answer twice. And it serves nobody when the same problem is discussed on two places.

Sorry for posting it double, didnt know if the dutch part was active.
Here is a better picture if someone needs it

On 04/03/2011 03:06 PM, silverches wrote:
> I’ve installed yast2 on suse 10.3

SLES 10 SP3, or openSUSE 10.3

if the latter, it is far past end of life and now unsupported…if the
former it is currently still in support by Novell, over in

you say you installed YaST, but YaST is part of a default install…
so, i have to wonder how you installed!

YaST modules needed are also default installed depending on what stuff
is installed (like, if you don’t install a firewall there will be no
YaST firewall management module installed)…so, if you cherry picked
your own install then you have to also pick and choose the YaST
modules you want…and, there are LOTS of them, like: AppArmor Profile
Management, Backup, Bootloader Config, Control Center, Fingerprint
Reader, Firewall Management, etc etc etc etc…

so, install the modules you wanna see on the right side and try again…

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I have openSUSE 10.3 installed, i have a virtual server so the serverhoster installs it for me. They dont have openSUSE 11 for some reason :S.

I’ve installed yast with the command : zypper in yast2

How can i install yast modules?

You should go for a better partner. Installing openSUSE without the proper YaST modules is more then silly.
And giving you no up to date (and thus vulnarable to security isues) level is something you should not pay a penny for.

if i could do that i would do it but i have 1 year contract :frowning: but is there now way to install YaST modules?

It has been fixed thanks to Knurpht. I needed to install addons for yast.

And admin/mod can close this thread