YAST doesn't save volume

When I go into YAST/sound my sound card is shown, and everything works pretty well, however, when I set the volume (other/volume), then exit and come back in, the volume levels are different than when I exited. When I reboot, it sets the master volume to 0%.

Any suggestions on how to get it to save my volume?

I found another thread where somebody suggested setting the volume, then using

alsactl store

That didn’t work.

I’m using openSUSE 11.2, 64-bit, and Pulse is enabled (because a lot of sounds don’t work right without it).

I’ve also found that if I change the volume in Banshee, it changes the volume levels in YAST. Is that the way it’s supposed to work?

I’m surprised other people don’t have this same problem.

Anyway, I’ve got more info. Every time I start my system, my volume levels are set as follows:
Master: 97
PCM: 83
Master Mono: 0
Master 2: 0
Headphone: 100
3D Control - Center: 0
3D Control - Center 2: 0
3D Control - Depth: 0
3D Control - Depth 2: 0
PCM 2: 0
Surround 2: 0
Center 2: 0
LFE 2: 0
Line: 0
Line 2: 0
CD: 0
CD 2: 0
Mic: 0
Mic 2: 0
Video: 0
Phone: 0
PC Speaker: 0
Aux: 0
Aux 2: 0
ADC: 100
DAC: 100

I can change them all I want, but they will revert to these settings every time I reboot.

I also discovered that by changing the volume settings of PulseAudio, it changes the default PCM volume.

Any idea what’s going on here?

Actually, I was wrong about those volume levels. I had changed the volume in PulseAudio to around 80%. When I then checked the volume levels through YAST, the Master volume remained as it was, but the PCM volume had dropped down to around 80%. Then I rebooted. Now my volume levels, for whatever reason are:

Master: 7
PCM: 74
(all the rest are as previously posted).

I just don’t get why these volume levels change every time I reboot, and why they come up with some, apparently random values.

Please help!

YES it is supposed to work like that. MOST DEFINITELY it is supposed to work like that. It changes the PCM levels.

If you want individual volume control for applications independent of the others, you need to NOT use YaST for volume controls, but rather try to tune Pulse Audio.

I do NOT use Pulse Audio so I can NOT help you with that. You need to either figure out the pulse audio control/mixer yourself, or get someone who uses pulse to help you.

That command typically works when run with ROOT permissions AND when one is NOT using Pulse Audio. You are using pulse audio (as evident from another thread).

Ah. Ok.

I’d rather not control the volume via YAST, but it seems if the volume levels in YAST are set wrong, it doesn’t matter what they are anywhere else. On top of that, I’ve got so many mixers, I don’t know which one is doing what, or why. It’s time to simplify (as I said in the other thread).