yast conflict

I can’t seem to update anymore. When I use Yast I get this warning “System locked by the application with pid 4006(/usr/sbin/packagekitd)
Close his app before trying again”

I don’t know what kitd is or how to close it.


If you are using-

GNOME: run gnome-system-monitor

KDE: run ksysguard

Have a look at the list of processes-be sure to check ‘All Processes’ in the ‘View’ menu.

it just means that there is another yast running behind the desktop…

are updating anything ?

then it would definitely show that message.

please do access yast after completing the update process…

note:in kde it runs through kuda applet manager…
donot stop it’s process…it would ruin everything if you do so…

just wait for it to complete it’s work…

then you can surely go through your work with yast

Usually yast will reject to update or install software, as long as the automaticupdate process is active (a little update icon, which turns to a read triangle sign, if updates are available). As long as the zypper is active, the packagekit demon is locked. The lock may persist a few minutes after zypper has finished. If you always run into conflicts, you may inactivate the automatic updater (enter the menu by right click on the icon and check the entry “never”). This should prevent packagekitd from starting.

There was a known bug in 11.0 (Bugzilla #374043). Which version do you use?

If you are shure, that all updates are completed and the packagekit demon still hangs (give it about 10 minutes to settle), you may kill the process and try again.


exactly the same i explained in my last post

good explanation dude

However, my typing skills are much slower (15 minutes) than yours. :frowning:

Anyway, always great to see confirmations :wink:

I’m using 11.1. I will try out the info.