Yast configures Audigy2 card, but not seen in Phonon

I’m not sure whether this should be posted in this section or Multimedia.
I have a dual booting system, XP and openSUSE 13.1. I have an Audigy2 sound card which in XP outputs digital 5.1 surround sound perfectly. In Yast.Hardware.Sound, I can see the Audigy2 card, and a test produces sound from all 6 speakers. However in Amarok.Phonon, before hacking around in Yast to leave only the Audigy2 card by unconfiguring the built-in sound on the motherboard; only the built-in Audio was offered in Device Preference for Playback. Now I am only offered PulseAudio Sound Server.

In the Phonon Audio Hardware Setup, the only device I am offered for Sound Card is Built-in Audio. With that device, the only digital Profile is some flavour of Digital Stereo. This works, but abviously only using the front pair of speakers.

I’ve searched the forums, but can’t find an analogous thread, so I’d be grateful for any pointers