Yast can't connect to any repository

Hi everyone,
i have installed opensuse 10.3 + gnome, but i can’t add repositories. Yast can’t connect to any repository (for example download.opensuse.org/distribution/10.3/repo/oss/), but this URL is accessible via firefox. During addition of a new repository i receive error.
Curl error for download.opensuse.org/distribution/10.3/repo/oss/
Error code:
Error message: connect() timed out!


Can you add repo by zypper?
zypper ar Index of /distribution/10.3/repo/oss oss

Hi & welcome…

I’ve seen a couple of reports like this. Turned out the proxy was not set or needed to be unset in YaST > Proxy.

Same for you?


Yes, this is for me. Thank you.

I’ve been having the same problem with version 10.x and now 11. I have my proxy settings configured correctly in Yast but when I test it I get back:
Proxy return code: HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required. I have proper credentials configured but it doesn’t seem to pass them to the proxy server. Because of this, updating fails. However, Firefox will connect through my proxy server without any problems using the same credentials.

Any help would be great!