YaST - behavior, fature or bug?

I have noticed that in software management, under YaST, when you search and install something, software manager closes (install was successful)

Looks like a bug to me.
Does it happen to you also?

No, it’s the way it is.
You can change it but because I’m happy as it is, I have not made a note of how, someone will be sure to let you know:)

Open YaST
/etc/sysconfig Editor
Change to RESTART

Well, I don’t find it annoying, but as I remember, after installation of package, it was back to “search” so you can install some other packages. If I remember correctly, same behavior was 9.3 to 11.1.

Golden rule: can add features, but never remove, unless absolutely necessary - someone will always complain.

The change was introduced in 11.1 - Then after a lot people complaining it was added back as an optional feature.

Configuration of the at exit choice should be added to YaST Software Management itself at some point as I filed a feature request for it and it was accepted.