Yast Backup

Hi, i recently made a backup with Yast and i did a complete backup.
Now, i want it to restore it and it worked, but it tool forever. It ran over night and was not done in the morning.
For some reason my wife turned the computer off while i was gone and nothing booted afterwords.
I had to reinstall.
What i want to know is, does it really take that long to restore a system? It was just 9GB of a file.
I might add that i had, at that time, reiser as my primary filesystem. This is changed now to ext3.
Or is it just normal?

I am backup newbie really and i usually do not backups. Everything i need like documents i have stored on dvd in case.

Personally I have never seen a good reason to backup the entire file system on a Desktop machine. It might make some sense if you are running servers. You can always reinstall the OS and any apps you might need.

Back up your data. You might check out dargui. Which is a GUI front end to the dar (Disk Archiver) utility which is like tar (tape archiver) but for disks

Also there are lots of front ends to sync. You might try Luckybackup a GUI front end to sync.

i think dargui might be that what i need.
Yeah, not sure about backup either… My last experience was that it takes a long time. I was quicker install brand new than to rewrite the datas.

btw. what folder do you need to backup in order to preserve configurations.
Just the home folder? Or also the filesystem?

Thanks again.

For personal info the home folder has all the user settings and user data. However if you run any database software you may have data stored on the root. IMO this data if important should have it’s own partition. Or be directed to the home partition. But where and what depends on what you are doing. For normal desktop usage back home should do it.