YaST backup: create a new archive

The YaST backup module allows me to backup my data. The documentation contains a snapshot of the interface for choosing the archive file:
My system has an additional browse button for this screen:
When I press the button, a file requester comes up that allows me to select an existing archive. It does not allow me to create a new archive: if I navigate to a directory and type a name for the archive, I can only choose Cancel. Whoever designed the requester did not take the use cases into account.
As a workaround, I can to type the whole path or paste it from somewhere else. But it is an annoyance.

Tested here. I start System Backup, Profilemanagement - Add, name FullBackup, browse for folder /Extra/Backup, type in filename ‘test’, click Open, click Next, Next, Next and the profile is shown. Next I click Create Backup and off it goes.

I cannot click Open because the button is inactive. It only becomes active if I type a name of an existing file.