YAST Automatically selects packages to install which are not required

I often use YAST’s software management tool. but everytime I press the ‘Accept’ button, I see that YAST has automatically selected dozens of packages that I don’t need and are not the part of the dependencies. It also includes kaffeine, which I uninstalled recently but I can not understand why YAST is selecting it to install even if I don’t need it. I tried to mark all these packages as ‘Taboo’ but it didn’t work. Next time the same thing happened again. I don’t like YAST to force me to install things I don’t need.
Please give me some solution for this problem…

This should work. But you have to click on “Accept”/“OK”, just closing YaST or pressing “Cancel” will not remember the changes.
You could also uninstall the patterns that recommend those packages (View->Patterns).

And/or enable the option “Ignore recommended packages for already installed packages” in YaST’s “Options” menu. This should prevent the automatic installation of all those packages completely.

It Worked!!! Thanks.