Yast Automatic Backup Not Working

I created a profile for Yast Backup and successfully executed it manually. However, when I set up the Automatic Backup with the same profile it doesn’t work. It will start at the scheduled time and do the “search” part of it but it hangs before it creates the archive. These two processes (backup_cron & y2base) remains running and never terminates.

Here are the last few lines in the Yast log before it hangs:

2010-06-09 20:08:05 <1> londy(1957) [YCP] backup/ui.ycp:2037 subprocess started: true (PID: 1958)
2010-06-09 20:08:05 <1> londy(1957) [YCP] backup/ui.ycp:1827 Reading installed packages
2010-06-09 20:08:18 <1> londy(1957) [YCP] backup/ui.ycp:1735 Number of installed packages: 1281
2010-06-09 20:09:17 <1> londy(1957) [YCP] backup/ui.ycp:1842 Searching in packages started
2010-06-09 20:23:31 <1> londy(1957) [YCP] backup/ui.ycp:1812 Searching files which are not in any package started
2010-06-09 20:23:31 <1> londy(1957) [YCP] backup/ui.ycp:2117 All packages verified.

I’m using 64bit 11.2 with KDE Factory.

My other computer is using 32bit 11.2 KDE and it works fine so I assume the problem is either the 64bit or KDE Factory.

Is there a way to fix this?


Since Factory is experimental versions I’d report the problem to the developers.

Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

An update from 4-5 days ago must’ve fixed it. I didn’t change anything and it’s been backing up automatically for the last 3 days. :good: