Yast and network devices, new users etc.

Maybe I am just an idiot here but Yast>Network devices>Network Settings>device>edit
has its defaults thus:
Statically defined IP address; firewall zone automatically assigned; and most important WEP key.
For a new or inexperienced user, these are major traps. Surely most new users setting up for the first time would be happy to have DHCP assigned dynamic, firewall to be set external and, most important, surely nobody uses (or should use) WEP.
Even worse, you can scan, find your SSID and enter your WPA key with the extemely quiet default setting above saying WEP, and close without a peep from YAST, and find that you are not connected without anything telling you why.
I am not a new user but I have encountered these traps many times. If you delete a NIC or card, and start again, these defaults have to be reset. I imagine a brand new user would easily fall into these traps and maybe give up on openSuse and return to MS or (shudder) Ubuntu.
I am not, surely, the only person in the world for whom KnetworkManager does not work OOTB, and has to use ifup?

I am puzzled.

I installed on three systems this week (an older laptop, an newer laptop, and a desktop).

On the two laptops, the installer set the system to use NetworkManager to handle networking. That allows end-users to define their own WiFi parameters. Yast is not at all involved when NetworkManager is handling the network.

On the desktop, the installed setup was to use DHCP on the ethernet card, and the plugin USB wifi card was left unconfigured.

I am wondering what you are referring to? Is your comment about the order of choices in Yast? Most users should probably stick with NetworkManager, and not try to configure their network in Yast. Those who need to use Yast will probably know enough about networking to understand what the choices are.

That’s fine, and OK for you, but I (and surely I am not the only one) CANNOT use NM KNM or any variant (WICD, plasmoid-nm). Not since 11.1. I don’t know why. Once connected our hypothetical user can start to search, but h/she must be on-line first. Try it. Open Yast>network devices>network settings. Do global options and select ‘traditional method with ifup’. Select ‘OK’ and let YAST do its stuff…
Now open YAST>network devices>network settings again. delete a card there and select ‘OK’ … let Yast do its stuff again.
Now open again and re-configure the card… that is where the defaults I think are wrong are to be found.

You are describing steps that the inexperienced user should not be taking. It is better for such a user to stick with NetworkManager.

I was that inexperienced user. I cannot use NM, never have been able to on this PC 11.1, 11.2 now 11.4. I HAVE to use YAST/ifup.

NM is for making connections when needed. On a PC, the defaults are like nrickert describes: ifup, DHCP. That’s what it does on all PC’s. Why would you wait for the desktop to appear to make a network connection? It should be made during boottime (ifup). Then again, if you insist on making the connection yourself, switch to NM.
The reasons you cannot connect through NM can be numerous. One of them can be the files in your .kde4 folder. Did you try to set the system to use the networkmanager, then create a new user and see what it does in this clean new user account?

Hi Knurpht The OP was not a cry for help re my problems with NM, rather opening a discussion about whether the defaults in yast/ifup are helpful or not. I am quite happy to concede that my personal NM probs are due almost certainly due to dumbwittery on my part at some time in the past, and I would appreciate your help in solving them, I was going to post in a support thread for that reason, after I have sorted my current wireless problem, and can stop switching between NICs.

But what if a new user makes the same mistakes as me, and comes to yast and stumbles over the default offerings?
It would be grand if ifup always worked seamlessly in the background at boot time, as it does for most, but not for everyone all the time, if it did there would be no need for the yast/network devices section to be there at all.

Btw, and FYI, my new colleague, the delightfully flighty Tessa McTest is happy to report that NM works perfectly when she logs in.
Not only that but when I logged back in on my own account, NM miraculously sprang to life and works here now as well.
! and :slight_smile: :confused::confused: