Yast and Mirros

Hi everyone!!!

I am new here in the forum… and as ex slackware user, I can say that I am very happy with OpenSuse 11.1… but I have a doubt.

I am at Thailand… and everytime that I will install or upgrade a software, the yast look for the packages in some mirrors here in the Asia, but those mirrors are down, so the installation process gimme an error. How can I use Yast without using those mirror ?


openSUSE Download Mirrors - Overview


I would like to disable this function… and just use the opensuse.org

It looks to me like that can be done easily. Just specify the mirror you want to use in the YaST Software Repositories applet instead of software.opensuse.org, since that one automatically redirects you to a mirror that hasn’t been working for you.

On that page it suggests that they would like you to report problems such as what you’re experiencing, so it would be helpful if you did that.

Thank you… i replaced and now is ok.