YAST and backup

Yast can remember what programs I installed on my computer.
I had a HD crash so I had to start over again.
Fortunately I have a backup of my /home directory.
Is it possible to give an instruction to install all my programs?
Where is the list of the installed programs that Yast maintains?
Thanks for your attention Teunis

I had a disk fail with Leap, probably mid December.

I had a backup of “/home”.

I purchased a replacement disk, installed Leap, then restored “/home” from the backup.

I just went on memory as to what software I had installed. And then, when I noticed a package was missing, I just added that with Yast. No big deal.

List of installed packages is maintained in RPM database which is in /var/lib/rpm. It is possible to query this database in non-standard location as well. But if you had HD crash I presume hard disk is lost, so this information is no more available.

Thanks for the reply.
Of course I can make a copy of this dir on a removable medium after installation of programs.
How can I query these data? and can these date be used to make a reinstall?