YaST - A Quick Guide

Is there a good guide showing the features of YaST and how to best use them?

For instance:

  • What’s the difference between Add-On Products and Software Management?
  • To add software, must I add the repo in the Software Repositories area first?
  • Today, when I went to install Dropbox, I used Software Management. I selected the top option for standard Dropbox and pressed install. It proceeded in downloading and installing 360ish packages ranging from LibreOffice stuff to KDE4 wallpapers - what happened there lol?
  • How do you turn Snapper off in YaST?

That’s a few notes

Add-on products are more like you have a propritary program on disk. Software management is for the repositories

Yes you must add a repo if the application is not in one of the standard. Note that you can use one click to install many things see


If you can’t find an app there you probably will have to compile from source or sweet talk someone to package it for you :wink:

Turning snapper off good question I have not installed 13.2 yet (I always wait until the dust settles). Is supposed to be some where in Yast maybe in the partitioning section??:\

Well I just left snapshots off when I installed 13.2 on my main desktop. I’m guessing you can always go back in and turn Snapper on if you wanted, but I don’t see any reason to do this currently since all my Linux PCs are non-production boxes.

Thank you for that Package Search page, that’s a nice feature lol!