YAST 2 pc's 2 different results w/ same source list.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the YAST source list for two independent PC’s.

Both are running Suse 10.2 (yes I know).


Note the line with purple. On PC 2, see the “:” is replaced with “%3a”? I have re-added this source three times. Each time Yast does go grab the source list, and does NOT error out as if from a typo. I am assuming there’s some sort of ‘font’ issue on the display.

What is really bothering me, is …
PC 1, Firefox avail version shows as 3.0.6-1.4

On PC2, Firefox avail version shows as

Why won’t PC 2 show the 3.x version?! They are both using the same sources :
PC 1 was able to upgrade to 3.x, PC 2 should be able to as well.

Don’t think the repo exists. Have a look at

Index of /repositories/openSUSE:

via a browser. Could this be the problem?

If the repository doesn’t exist, I do not understand how.

  1. yast shows the progress bar downloading from it

  2. why PC 1 shows Firefox 3.xx

That aside, does anyone know of another repository that would still have ff3?

Not for openSUSE 10.2