Yamipod - anyone familiar wit it?

I have been looking at apps that work with my iPod(image in another of my threads).
Is there someone of forum users that know about yamipod?

Haven’t heard about that one, and no packages available for openSUSE, AFAICS. But … there’s gtkpod, and I know of people managing their iPod with it.

I am beginning to think I am OOL with Linux apps to manage my iPod 4th gen touch. Probably ‘too’ new for the Linux projects for iPods.
My iPod is one with a touch screen very similar to iPhones and iPads. Not one of the earlier ones like the classics and nanos.

I put in gtkpod, and it runs, but it doesn’t find my ipod. I also put in that yamipod one, and it doesn’t even run(yet).
I HATE to think about having to depend on Windows iTunes to manage it, or iTunes in a VM.

I put output from lsusb and some of dmesg in the other thread.
It is there, but apparently Leap 15 can’t find it as a storage device.