Xvnc fails keyboard mapping

I’ve had no problems with vnc until migrating to opensuse11.0. On suse8.1m suse10.2,suse10.3 everything works fine but when I’ve got my vncdesktop and tries swedish letters å,ä,ö nothing happens and vnclog-file says …
KbdAddEvent: unknown KeySym 0xf6 - allocating KeyCode 8
KbdAddEvent: unknown KeySym 0xe4 - allocating KeyCode 93
KbdAddEvent: unknown KeySym 0xe5 - allocating KeyCode 124
All the other keys maps ok.
I upgraded xorg-x11-Xvnc-7.3-110 to 7.4-17.3 but nothing changed.
I’m using exactly the same userenvironment as before both for shell and vnc. I’ve tried all wm’s included, gnome, icewm, kde, xfce, twm and several different vncviewers from XP.
Is there anyone out there who has an idea what to do ??