Xvnc and French keyboard not correct mapping

Dear all,

I have opensuse 11.0 and French azerty keyboards attached both to my local console or remote PC.

On my local console, I well get azerty mapping with accentuations .
On the remote PC, using telnet or NX, I also get well azerty mapping with accentuations.

BUT, using Xvnc and Vnc client over KDE:

  • changing keyboard mapping to USA flag, gives me quite azerty but no accentuations :frowning: !
  • changing to FR flag, gives me an qwerty mapping >:) !
  • no way to get a correct Eurosymbol over the AltGR+E key. and so on

How can I get complete azerty with accents mapping over Xvnc?

Thx for help