Xvidenc problem - OpenSUSE 11.1

I am trying to encode a DVD for use on my Creative Zen player.

I did this successfully on 10.3, using xvidenc, but when I try on 11.1, I get the error message “Checking for lsdvd…FAILED!” when I enter “dvd” as the source.

I think I’ve installed all the codecs, etc, and the DVDs play on Mplayer.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Apologies for asking the obvious, … but, … do you have lsdvd installed?

I guarantee this works on 11.1 I know he uses 11.1.

I suspect you’ve got a missing runtime dependency try this one Webpin


if you DO have lsdvd installed and xvidenc still complains it’s missing, it does so because you probably have installed lsdvd AFTER xvidenc has created its configuration file. In this case, the config file of xvidenc will NOT contain the path to lsdvd, so you’ll HAVE to reset it with:

xvidenc -r

That did it, Microchip! Many thanks.

As you guessed, the first time I got the error message, I checked for lsdvd, found it wasn’t installed, and so I installed it. I didn’t know about “xvidenc -r”, though.

Thanks also, Oldcpu and FM

that’s why it’s recommended to use xvidenc -help to see all the available options. The -r option explains why such things happen and why this option is present :slight_smile:

I have no excuses, Microchip. Many apologies, and thanks again.