XRDP + Plasma gives a blank window

I have both Tumbleweed (with all the latest updates and a 5.9.1 kernel) and Leap 15.2 virtual machines. Both auto boot into an LXDE session but also have Plasma installed and I use XRDP (version 0.9.14-104.2 from the X11 repository). I use the standard windows RDP client with same settings to access both systems.

On the Leap system (which starts with an auto login to a LXDE session on the main console) I can RDP into either LXDE or Plasma desktop environments by editing /etc/xrdp/startwm.sh and everything works as expected.

On the Tumbleweed system (also logsin to an console LXDE session) I can start a remote session for LXDE with no problem but if I try and start a Plasma session I go through the lightbulb splash screen but then the screen/window goes blank and nothing seems to work. Quite bizarly when in this state, if I log out on the LXDE session on the main console and relogin to a plasma session I get a blank screen on the main console and a plasma session now appears on the RDP window! Nothing significant appears if a check the status of xrdp.service or xrdp-sesman.service and the output is the same as on the Leap system.

Anyone got any ideas?


PS Will probably try a fresh install to see if the behaviour is repeatable.

Can confirm it’s pretty much the same behaviour on a completely fresh install.

OK. I have tracked this down I think. Essentially if you are logged on on the main terminal (LXDE or Plasma) you can’t logon to a second session via XRDP if you want that sesson to be a Plasma session but you can if it’s LXDE.

I found a reference to this on an Ubuntu support group.

So two questions:

  1. What is actual restriction and why?

  2. Why is the Leap and Tumbleweed behaviour different?


I haven’t explored what you’re trying to do so am not sure of the exact reason for your issues but it’s likely related to the fact that Tumbleweed and LEAP are actually quite different if you dig deep enough under the hood.

You might try the following, IMO it’ll likely work because the Desktop selection likely happens at a higher level (entirely in the User specific settings layer than in an OS service).